Tooth Extractions

What is a tooth extraction?

When a tooth must be removed to improve your oral health, it is called a tooth extraction. Our caring dentist, Dr. Dennis Sacry, strives to avoid tooth extraction when possible by offering the most conservative dental treatment. In certain cases, however, tooth extraction may be the best option for improving the health and function of your smile.

Does my tooth need to be extracted?

We may recommend a tooth extraction if:

  • There is not room for all of the teeth in the mouth, causing the teeth to become crowded and crooked
  • The tooth is so severely damaged or decayed that it cannot be restored through the use of a dental crown or filling
  • Infection has destroyed a large portion of the bone or tooth
Tooth extraction can prevent infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth. Our skilled dental team will ensure that your tooth extraction in Whitehall, Montana is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We are happy to restore your smile after the extraction with a dental bridge, dental implant, full or partial dentures, or another type of tooth replacement. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about tooth extraction and our other dental treatments.

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