Occlusal Night Guard

What is an occlusal night guard?

An occlusal night guard is just one of many mouth guards we offer at Dennis K. Sacry, DDS, PC. Designed in the shape of a horseshoe, an occlusal night guard fits over your upper or lower teeth as a protective shield. Typically, occlusal night guards are used to protect teeth from bruxism, a condition also known as teeth grinding and clenching. Bruxism most often occurs at night while you are sleeping, so the occlusal night guard is worn as you sleep so your teeth bite down on a comfortable plastic instead of wearing down your teeth.

How is an occlusal night guard made?

Dr. Dennis Sacry, our expert dentist, will custom make your occlusal night guard after taking molds and measurements of your smile. The occlusal night guard is designed to fit snuggly but gently over an entire arch in your smile. Made of a clear plastic, occlusal night guards are easy to clean and comfortable to wear. While the severity of bruxism is taken into account, our occlusal night guards can last for many years when taken care of properly. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Dennis Sacry to learn more about getting an occlusal night guard in Whitehall, Montana, we invite you to contact our dental office today. We are eager to help protect and take care of your smile.

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