Do you want to know what our patients are saying about their experience at the dental office of Dennis K. Sacry, DDS, PC? Below, we have provided some of the testimonials our patients have left after visiting Dr. Dennis Sacry. We encourage you to read them to see why our patients have chosen us as their choice of dentist in Whitehall, Montana. To schedule your appointment, contact our dental office today. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!


“I would like to take this time to thank the Whitehall Dental Group for taking such good care of my family.

After leaving my long time dentist, I was in search of someone who would not only see to my family’s dental needs, but also make them feel comfortable and included….

While at my doctor’s office, I was expressing my concerns, and Cheryl gave me the information for Whitehall Dental… it is completely family oriented, with a staff that I would put up against any of the “big city” dental offices…. Not only are my girls well taken care of but we are made to feel like we are Dr. Sacry’s only patients… that is a rare thing anymore today….

I had to have some extensive repair work done on my teeth that financially could set a person back….not with Whitehall Dental….

They were willing to work with me financially and willing to work with my schedule (I am a stay at home wife and mother)…I never felt pressured to accept any “particular” service, but they explained ALL of my options and allowed me to choose what was right for me!

When I am asked who I use for family dentistry my first response is always “Whitehall Dental Group”… absolutely~  From every aspect of the dental experience they have not only earned my respect but my support as well!


                                                                                          -Shannon and Cathy Jones

“I’m not embarrassed any more about my yellow teeth. As silly as it sounds, I can’t believe how much better I feel about myself after whitening my teeth. I haven’t had any sensitivity or pain with the Zoom except for one time. This was when I messed up and left the bleach on my teeth longer than the hygienist’s directions.

My only regret was that I wish I had whitened my teeth sooner. Years ago, I had such excruciating sensitivity bleaching my teeth, I vowed I’d never do it again. But my yellow teeth were bugging me so much I decided to give it another go. Dr. Dennis Sacry and his team answered every question I had about the Zoom and the process before I started. I felt reassured this bleaching product and procedure might work for me this time without pain. And, it did!

A big thanks to the Whitehall Dental Group! They patiently dealt with my concerns and helped me have whiter teeth I didn’t think was possible for me.”

-Marla Eurick

“I moved to Whitehall in 2008 from San Diego. I have had very bad experiences from dentists in the past, however, I knew I had to go to the dentist when I moved to Whitewall. After finding out Dr. Dennis Sacry, I decided to try to have him look at my teeth.

The rest is history! I have never had a kinder, more professional dentist and staff work on my teeth. I was so afraid to go to the dentist before, because of pain, and different dentists telling me all negative comments, I just kind of gave up. But, when I went to Dr. Dennis Sacry and felt no pain, and he and his staff have turned all the negative remarks about my teeth into him telling me the positive they could do to ‘fix’ my problems.

Now, I feel good about my smile and smile all the time because of the remarkable work this Dental Office provides. I have to give kudos to Jan and Cheryl because on the first day I went into the office, I was so petrified, I was in tears, but they helped me ease my mind. Wonderful staff, wonderful dentist…. now I SMILE!”

-Jackie Ingraham